6 ways CBD enhances your

Athletic Performance

As of January 2018, athletes were allowed to use CBD. WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) removed CBD from their list of prohibited substances. The move by this giant regulatory body echoes the safety and value of using CBD for general athlete’s wellbeing. This decision has led to thousands of athletes to start incorporating CBD in their training routine, with the aim of speeding up their recovery, improving their athletic performance, and enhancing their overall health.

CBD provides an athletic edge

Manage sport-related inflammation reliever

Now and then, athletes suffer from inflammation. We well know, even minor injuries can severely restrict your range of motion as a result of inflammation. Recovery is unlikely to take place until inflammation has been managed. Although athletes usually use the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), Cannabidiol (CBD) is a potent natural remedy that can help in managing inflammation. In short, consistently taking CBD can help athletes control chronic inflammation, thus avoiding severe health problems in the long run.

Pain relief

Athletes are continually plagued by muscle pain and joint soreness, which can ultimately affect their performance. Thankfully, CBD’s analgesic traits are well-known. Without CBD, athletes would have to use over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals and risky, addictive opioids to manage their pain. However, CBD has no side effects, and its therapeutic benefits for pain can be realized almost instantly.

Reduces game-day anxiety and stress

Managing anxiety and reducing game-day nerves is vital for professional athletes. The studies behind CBD as a treatment for anxiety reveal that CBD triggers mood-balancing receptors, pumps up your “bliss molecules,” and helps to grow the hippocampus – the tiny organ in the brain which regulates emotions. In other words, CBD supports the athlete’s ability to cope with stress so that the nerves do not interfere with their performance.

Weight management

According to research, CBD has a positive influence on weight management. Maintaining an optimal body weight is vital in the world of athleticism. As you might be aware, excess weight on professional athletes can be a hindrance to peak performance. While a regimen of regular exercises and proper nutrition promotes proper weight, incorporating CBD into the routine can make the process even more effective.

Other studies have revealed that CBD can boost a person’s metabolism by stimulating the mitochondria (the energy powerhouses which are known to metabolize body fat and hold back the production of fat cells).

Better sleep

Without proper sleep, professional athletes can’t train at peak levels. Good rest is vital to good functioning physically and mentally; this is why it’s advisable for athletes to sleep well and wake up feeling revitalized. CBD helps athletes feel more relaxed and calm while getting rid of anxiety, which is a major cause of insomnia. Research also shows that CBD increases overall sleep amounts, and even help people suffering from chronic pain get to sleep – all of which are incredibly beneficial for athletes.

Bolsters immunity

CBD is high in antioxidants. Meaning, athletes who use CBD are in a position to improve their immune system and also reduce the risk of infection. There is nothing more exasperating than training for years before a critical event, only to get ill beforehand.

Final thoughts

Simply put, CBD is changing how athletes perform and recuperate. If you wish to push yourself hard without the use of harmful over the counter drugs, CBD is the answer.


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