CBD and how it can help with

Post Work Out

Whether you are just a beginner or a competing athlete, every time you engage in physical exercises, your body is broken down. When this happens, your body’s immune system acts in response, building it back up with visible symptoms like soreness, exhaustion, and lethargy. While there are several things you can do to relieve the symptoms of workout recovery, many people today are finding CBD to be a therapeutic compound with lots of clinical benefits.

Why using CBD for post workout is a good idea

Pain reliever

We all have completed an exciting workout session only to find ourselves hobbling in pain the following day or even hours later. For such days, we can rely on CBD to bring back some “pep in our step”! CBD is a natural analgesic or pain reliever. Actually, CBD is so potent to the extent that, it is usually administered to those with chronic pain. Certainly beats running to the chemist to purchase some addictive prescriptions. Simply massage a small amount of CBD topical on the affected area, and kiss the pain goodbye.

Sore muscles and inflammation

As opposed to using pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin, you can opt for naturally occurring CBD to ease post-workout muscle soreness and inflammation. Muscle discomfort and soreness is common for fitness enthusiasts, meaning it has a rather consistent place in daily workouts. Disregarding the soreness and inflammation is not always an option and counting on over the counter drugs to relieve the pain, only hurts your body in the long run. Opt for CBD as a safe replacement and your long term inflammation and soreness will fade away.


Nausea after an intense workout is not unusual. Occasionally, people who work out consistently are likely to experience nausea after intense and grueling routines. As an anti-nausea remedy, CBD is an ideal, natural post-workout option for those days when nausea knocks. Avoiding nausea helps you to focus on eating appropriate post-workout dishes and allows your body to naturally recover from exhaustion.

CBD improves sleep

We all appreciate the significance of sleep for general health and wellness. When you are asleep, your body gets time to recover and build muscle. This is very relevant to athletes and fitness enthusiasts who constantly push themselves mentally and physically. That’s where CBD comes in. CBD acts as a natural sedative and improves the quality of sleep.

How is CBD administered for post workout recovery?

Available in various forms, CBD can be administered in the following ways:


Administered orally

Vape Juice

Inhaled using a vape pen

Topical crèmes, balms and oils

Locally applied to the affected areas

Final thoughts

Using CBD will help you cut the amount of time you spend tending to joint pain and injuries. This will have a significant impact on your physical wellbeing and mind as well; ultimately, positioning you for success.


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