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CBD has become a fundamental element to many fitness enthusiasts and their workout regime. While some opt to use CBD after a workout to enhance recovery, others have discovered that taking CBD before hitting the gym naturally heightens their performance, and assist them “get in the flow.”

Reasons for taking CBD before a workout

As mentioned-above, athletes have found that taking CBD ahead of a workout helps their bodies to function optimally throughout the training session. And why is that?

The CBD compound is known to support the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – a regulatory network that ensures vital body functions like metabolism, energy balance, coordination, immune function, are balanced. 

For many people who prefer taking CBD before workouts usually describe the feeling as “sense of calm” or “finding the flow”, which they believe helps them physically perform at optimal levels.

That said; how the balancing traits of CBD will affect an athlete depends on several factors. Essentially, CBD affects everyone differently. It is advisable, therefore, when taking it before a workout session for the first time, to start with a small dosage. Also, it’s good to schedule your initial intake on a typical workout day as opposed to an important training session.

Remember that, while CBD can be a product of cannabis, our hemp-derived CBD is Federally legal and non-psychoactive – so you don’t have to be concerned about the “high” associated with certain THC products.

How long before hitting the gym should you take CBD?

Before diving into the perfect time for CBD intake before a training session, it is vital again to appreciate that, every person’s body system is unique. Not everyone reacts to CBD the same way, and your genetics, metabolism, tolerance levels, circulatory system, age, and other factors can influence how fast CBD takes effect in your body.

Proper timing of your intake routine gives enough time for the supplement to reach your system, where it can start promoting balance. How long also it takes CBD supplements to enter your bloodstream is greatly influenced by your preferred method of consumption.

Some CBD consumption methods allow the supplement to be absorbed almost immediately. Others can take about an hour. Usually, there are three ways to deliver CBD supplement to your system, including:

  • Sublingually (absorbed under the tongue). This is the fastest and most effective method of CBD consumption.


  • Inhalation ( dabbing, vaping)


  • Oral ingestion (taking things like CBD capsules and edibles via the mouth.

Bottom line

The full effects of CBD supplements may only be felt for a few hours, depending on the method of ingestion. For more sustained CBD effects, some fitness enthusiasts have found success taking CBD multiple times a day.

All said and done; the ideal CBD intake routine is the one which works best for your body, training routine, and fitness needs. And keep in mind, what works for others, might not work for you. Success on your fitness and workout journey!


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