Should You Take CBD Before Working Out? 

With a wide array of health benefits, CBD is being used by many people for anything from fighting muscle pain & inflammation, to improving focus and sleep. With its wide range of effects, it can help working people, those who suffer from debilitating health conditions, and assist athletes in reaching their best.

Social Anxiety and CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid from the cannabis & hemp plants that accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of natural compounds, two of the most prominent being CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not get you high. THC, on the other hand, is a psychoactive compound that gives you the ‘high’ that is commonly associated with cannabis. Hemp-derived CBD contains low amounts of THC (about 0.3%) while marijuana plants contain high amounts of THC (anywhere from 15-20%). This is why it is important to get CBD products that have low amounts of THC (0.3%) which is found within the hemp plant.

Since it’s legalization in December 2018, hemp CBD has taken off. Due to its popularity, low-risk and non-psychedelic effects, hemp-derived CBD has been approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) this year. This has opened up a whole world of opportunities for professionals to use CBD as a health & fitness supplement.

Should you take CBD before working out? Is it for you? How does it help with your workout? What sets this remedy aside from the other work out supplements on the market? We are going to cover it all and allow you to have a better idea if hemp-CBD is the best new natural remedy for your workout. First, let us jump into some of the basics of muscle building and then we’ll dive into how taking CBD as a pre-workout can better your work out experience.

How Does “Working Out”, well… work?

CBD and Social Anxiety

If you are looking to strengthen your muscles to allow you to look and feel your best, working out is the key to doing so.

We have over 600 muscles; they make up anywhere between a third and a half of our body weight. The way you strengthen muscles works in a very interesting way, a way that works with damage and repair as a way to build your muscles to be stronger than they were prior to your work out.


For the purpose of explaining how you build muscles, let us use the example of opening a door. When your body is given the task of opening a door, your brain sends a signal through to your arm and hand letting it know that you will be using those necessary muscles to complete the task. When your brain is sending the signal to your arm, your brain is actually contacting motor neurons. Motor neurons are nerve cells forming part of a pathway along which impulses pass from the brain or spinal cord to a muscle gland.

When your brain contacts your motor neurons inside your arm, they fire, causing your muscles to contract and relax which pull on the bones in your arm and generate the needed movement. The bigger the challenge becomes, the bigger the brain’s signal grows, and the more motor units it rallies to help you achieve your task (which in this case would be opening the door).

In terms of muscle building, since opening a door is typically a lighter task than lifting weights, let us say that the door is now made out of solid iron. If this were the case, your arm muscles alone will not be able to generate enough tension to pull it open. Since your arm muscles alone will not be able to open the iron door, it will turn to other muscles in your body for help. Now your nervous system has just leveraged the resources you already have, this being other muscles in your body, to meet your demand. Now you are not only using your arm muscles but now you have planted your feet to activate those muscles, as well as tightening your belly and activating those muscles, and now you can better pull on the iron door and allow yourself to have the strength to open the door. 

When you challenge your muscles like this, you are pushing your muscles to the literal breaking point (micro-tears in the tissue) that triggers your body to devote resources and energy into rebuilding them again, stronger than before.

Your muscles build in a very interesting way. When working out your muscle fibers undergo another kind of cellular change, as you are exposing your muscles to stress, they experience microscopic damage. Believe it or not, this damage is actually a good thing! In this response, the injured cells release inflammatory molecules called cytokines. Cytokines call on the immune system to repair the injury that has taken place. This is the process that we know as muscle-building. The greater the damage to the muscle tissue, the more your body will need to repair itself. The resulting cycle of damage and repair is what works to make your muscles bigger and stronger as they adapt to progressively greater demands. This explains why you can handle more hefty tasks the more you workout.

We’ve all built enough muscle to handle day-to-day tasks like opening doors – hopefully one that is not made of iron! – or petting a cat, pulling out a chair, and other daily tasks that do not strain your muscles. These tasks will not result in stimulating new muscle growth, but they do create muscle memory.

In order to build new muscle, our cells need to be exposed to higher workloads than they are used to. This occurs through a process called hypertrophy. If you do not expose your muscles to resistance, they will shrink, which is known as muscular atrophy.


How CAn CBD Help Your Workout?

Your body needs more than just working out in order to enable your muscles to grow. Many other factors affect how you build muscles. Some of these factors include proper nutrition, hormones, and rest. Your body would not be able to repair damaged muscle fibers on its own, so what you put into your body and how you turn that into action is an important balance to develop.

CBD can be beneficial in many ways, especially for those pursuing a certain fitness goal or health-oriented target. The most common reasons hemp CBD is used by active individuals is for relief from pain, reduction of inflammation and improving rest & recovery.

CBD runs Pain & Inflammation off the track

One of the main uses of CBD is for its anti-inflammatory effects and pain relief. Not only does this allow for faster recovery time and a longer, more intense/challenging workout, but relief from pain & inflammation is an issue many people live with throughout their lives. Being able to work through the pain can enable you to workout longer, more intensely, and can lead to increased muscle growth.

CBD can help with social anxiety

Swelling, soreness and irritation are all symptoms of muscle cramping, spasms and fitness-related injuries.  You can reduce the onset and severity of all these symptoms with regular hemp CBD use.  Apply it topically to the affected areas, or ingest some CBD oil or capsules and you’ll start focusing less on pain and more on being at your best.

Sleep Better, Perform Better with HEMP CBD

Since rest is an essential part of recovering from your workout, hemp-derived CBD is critical to ensuring you get the most out of your nightly sleep. For those who are kept up at night, whether it be because of muscle and pain inflammation, being a light sleeper, or for those who have issues falling asleep at night, CBD may be the natural remedy you have been searching for. By improving the quality of your sleep, you will be able to optimize your precious resting time to rebuild your muscles and get back to working out faster and more efficiently.

Natural treatment of anxiety

Some studies have shown that a lack of consistent, quality sleep can not only undo some fitness progress, but it can lead to some debilitating health issues.  Rest and a ‘good night’s shut eye’ are difficult to come by for many of us; life is busy, life is chaotic, and there’s never enough time in a day.  Invest yourself in some hemp CBD and even if you’re not getting enough Z’s by the hours, you’ll at least be sleeping deeper, better and benefiting more from a quality rest.

Should You Take CBD As A


Motus offers various CBD products for many different fitness levels. There are no lack of options when it comes to finding your favorite way of using CBD.  The popular methods include topicals, oil tinctures, capsules, protein powders, and some edibles and beverages.  The FDA has not approved many foods/drinks infused with CBD, but you can easily add product like CBD oil to any smoothie or protein shaker.

Motus has developed several products that are designed for athletes, fitness pros, and sports/active people. The top sellers are: Power Drops (CBD Oil), Total Body Capsules, Power Freeze (CBD Roll-On), CBD Post-Workout and CBD Pre-Workout.

Power Drops, CBD Oil, 1000 mg

CBD oil is one of the most popular on the CBD market. Motus Power Drops are recommended for the treatment and prevention of muscle pain, inflammation, injury, anxiety or stress related to physical exertion. CBD oil is great for sublingual application. It allows for an easy and quick way of taking it on its own or with food.

Total Body Capsules, 3000 mg

With 3000 mg of Hemp-derived CBD, this potent remedy does the heavy lifting against muscle cramps, pain, swelling, and spasms. Total Body Capsules are designed to cut down on recovery time, support muscle growth and nourish both the mind & body. Total Body Capsules are a great way of ensuring an easy, consistent dose of CBD to get the most out of your next CBD purchase.

Power Freeze, Roll-On, 500 mg

Containing 500 mg of Hemp-derived CBD, this potent remedy stops muscle cramps, pain, swelling and spasms in their tracks. Power Freeze was designed for convenient, on-demand pain & inflammation relief for helping you achieve your fitness or sports goals. CBD roll-ons are great for quick, subtle and compact applications.

CBD Post Workout, 900 mg

Recommended for the treatment & prevention of muscle pain, cramping, inflammation, workout-related injury, anxiety or stress associated with physical exertion. This potent blend of CBD, amino acids and essential nutrients promotes muscle growth and recovery. CBD Post Workout works to prevent workout-related injuries like many post-workout products, but with the advantages of CBD to help you take your fitness to the next level.

CBD Pre-Workout, 750 mg

Motus Active’s Pre-Workout combines the best components of pre-workout supplements with the added benefits of pure, potent and Hemp-derived CBD.  Motus Pre Workout contains essentials like BCAA’s, L-Arginine, Creatine, and Caffeine.  Unlike most competing products, CBD Pre Workout has Cannabidiol (CBD) to give you that extra push.  Motus products are naturally sourced, so you can be sure that you’re giving your body the clean fuel it needs – and not the harsh, synthetic ingredients that other pre-workouts are infamous for.

Get yourself a bottle or roller of potent, natural and safe CBD today from Motus.  You can be sure that there’s zero THC and no psychoactive effects – just the plant-based power of hemp CBD.


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